Prince Nestor is the main character in the series, World of Quest.

Prince Nestor
Nestor 2
Prince Nestor




Prince of Odyssia

Family and Friends

Quest (possible best friend)
Anna Maht (love interest)
King and Queen of Odyssia (parents)


Anna Maht, flying with Mini-Kites, playing Kick Ball


Quest, Lord Spite, The Gaurdian

First Appearance

The Quest Begins

Nestor is the 12-year old Prince of Odyssia who joins Quest and his friends on a mission to find all the Swords of Power to defeat Lord Spite and find Nestor's parents.


Prince Nestor is the prince of Odyssia. He has orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue and white colored armor with a brown belt that goes from his left shoulder to his right waist. His armor has dark red colar and dark red shoes. He has gauntlet like armor piece on his wrist that his Snake Blaster comes from.


Prince Nestor has a royal personality. He likes to boss Quest like his bodyguard after he tricked Quest into reading the Alligiance Spell. He has a head-strong personality which leads the group into trouble. He has a great pride of bieng the Prince of Odyssia.

Quest and Prince Nestor has a tough relationship. When Nestor was a baby, Quest was ordered to be his nany by the King of Odyssia. After Nestor got kidnapped by Lord Shadowseed, Quest got banished from the kindom of Odyssia. From then Quest hates Nestor. Quest has a weekness of calling Nestor a "runt".

Nestor are good friends with Graer, Gathling and Way. They are a good helping hand for Nestor while battling. But sometimes, Nestor is disgusted by Graer due to Graer eating disgusting food and breaking wind.

Nestor has a big crush on Anna Maht. He tries to flirt with her during missions, but fails. But the end of the second season, Anna has shown to return Nestor's feelings and they have been shown to be a couple.


Nestor have appeared in every episode so far. Nestor is usually the cause of getting the team in trouble.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nestor 15

Nestor's snake-wrist blaster

Nestor has no special powers. He has a snake-like wrist blaster which can shoot energy blasts. He is also skilled with flying Wini-Bats. He has good skills at using the Swords of Power, especially the Fire Sword. But, he also has shown not so good at keeping the Swords in his hands, always lossing it to Spite.
Nestor 5

Nestor's snake-wrist blaster

In Nestor's Birthday, he was granted with super powers by Anna as his birthday wish. He got, many powers like super-human strength that is strong enough to lift Quest and Albert, laser-vision, flight etc. But after he became careless and didn't use his powers to fight Spite and Ogun, Quest told Anna to revert Nestor back to his old self.


  • In Robin Hood of Odyssia, Nestor is embarrased he wears briefs.
  • In Where There's a Way, Nestor proudly shows off he wears boxer shorts.
  • Nestor have been shown to be good at using the Swords of Power during battles.
  • The Sword of Power were magically storred on Nestor's aching tooth by Deciet in the first season final episode.
  • He is the first character to appear in the series.
  • Nestor has shown to like flying with Mini-Bats and are shown to be good at it.
  • He is the only main character not to have any special powers. Altough he do has his snake-like wrist blaster, but it can't be said as a super power as it is part of his armor.
    • Although, he did have many super powers which was granted to him as a birthday wish by Anna in Nestor's Birthday. But, he lost it by the end of the episode.
  • In Little Troll Down the Lane, Nestor's first kiss was with a Troll due to Quest.
    • In season 3, it is said that Nestor and Anna will be sharing their first kiss.
  • One of the biggest difference between Prince Nestor in the Tv series and the Nestor in the comics is their ages. Nestor is 15 years old in the Tv series while he is only 5 years-old in the comics.